Polythene Carrier Bags:
1) Accessory/CD
2) Vari-gauge
3) Patch handle
4) Drawstring
5) Duffle
6) Rope handled SOS
7) Flexiloop
8) Clip-close/Twin-clip
9) Vest
10) Metalized Mail

Carrier Bags.

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Printed Adhesive Vinyl Tapes and Printed Barrier Tapes

Promotional/Health & Safety Barrier Tapes

Polythene Non - Adhesive 100 micron
Standard base material is white or yellow
Colours: 3 maximum

Sizes 75 mm x 250 mtrs - 50 mm x 250 mtrs (other sizes available)

Also available

Polythene Hazard Barrier Tapes
Red/White and Black/Yellow
size: 70 mm x 500 mtrs

Printed Adhesive Vinyl Tapes

Standard white base
Sizes: 50 mm x 66 mtrs - 50 mm x 132 mtrs (other sizes available)
Colours: available with up to 3 colours

Laminated and Perforated Label Tape
1 spot colour reverse print
2 spot colours
1 colour and background colour
3 spot colours

Pipeline Identification Tapes
Twin-ply laminated tape consisting of a premium vinyl tape laminated with a clear polypropylene film to safegaurd
against adverse conditions.
Printed to BS 1710/BS4800 Colour Range.

Standard colours

Green, Silver Grey, Brown, Yellow Ochre, Violet, Light Blue, Black, Orange, Red, Yellow.
Arrows - Black on White, Black on Clear
Sizes: 50 mm x 33 mtrs - 100 mm x 33 mtrs - 150 mm x 33 mtrs.